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Khamis, 19 September 2013

malaysia flag creator: Mr. Mohamed bin Hamzah.

 malaysia flag creator:

malaysia flag sebnar creator is, Mr. Mohamed bin Hamzah.
Selection from the flag design competition to design a flag of the new Federation of Malaya in 1949. This national competition organized by the Federal Legislative Council and attended by 373 employees.

malaysia flag known as Durian, contains 14 red and white stripes (horizontal) of equal width starting with red stripes at the top and ends with a white stripe on the bottom, the same mark in the federal constitution of 13 states and 1 federal government.

The colored dark blue on the left side leading down to the fifth red stripe means unity among Malaysians. Blue portion contains Islamic crescent sign - the official religion of the Federation (Malaysia as it has been subject under the Constitution of Malaysia). [1]

The 14 pointed star sign of unity of the 13 states and the Federal Government. Yellow color of the moon and the stars are the colors for His Royal Highness-dust Kings.

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