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Khamis, 31 Januari 2013


The happiest of those, to me are now the saddest
The ones that make my heart sink the lowest
That seem to flood my eyes the fastest
Occupies me day, evening and night
Makes me pray to God with all my might
To bring back this innocence once more tonight
And I assure you those were the happiest times
The bliss and joy were the only crimes
Yet it makes me feel sour sometimes
Yes, yes I’m greedy because i want it all back
I crave filling what my heart seems to lack
Since now my days seem to me so black
They say memories are diamonds in the end
This notion is what I don’t comprehend
Due to them, my soul is surly condemned
As a result I cherish the past and ignore what’s to come
I live in what has been, not knowing what I have become
Because of those memories, my spirit is numb
So this is why reminiscing makes me cry
Keeps me up till the morning sky
Wondering what past memories will swing by
What I must learn is to treasure each day
To value all that God brings my way
And to say ALHAMDULILAH for each memory every time I pray

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